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Hospital Drive.jpg

Niki & Ryan moved from Budapest to London and got married on a rainy 5th of November in a town hall with palm trees out the front. Niki is a Budapest born artist, and Ryan was raised in the UK Southwest. Since meeting in 2013 they have never spent a night apart. 


Cheap Electric Pink Wool (CEPW) was started in 2019 by Niki & Ryan, as an attempt to combat the looming doubts and dread in London and Budapest. This was done using a personal computer, a sampler, a synthesiser, a fistful of brushes and a cutting knife. 

Ryan has since tried to write songs for CEPW that take the doubts and dread for a trip out their window, with Niki behind the wheel. As they glide beyond their city room, a thick smog crawls up to meet them. This smog is quickly cut, carved and inked into a wild and colourful landscape by Niki. After a time the glowing visuals feed the song and the song turns around to feed the visuals. Meanwhile, the doubts and dread are left to limp and kick about a picnic bench on the side of the M4. For a moment Ryan samples their dirty repetitions before Niki shaves off their outer coats and reforms the wiry fuzz into brightly dyed hopes and dreams. 


Once the doubts and dread have been shorn down to the bone, they look small and ridiculous. Niki & Ryan sing, and the hopes and dreams cackle, at times adding a brighter layer to the song; although this is often imperceptible.

CEPW are currently working with the good people at Echoism Records
You can send messages directly to us at